Many car owners report that the fuel consumption of their car has not only not decreased but has increased after maintenance. What is going on?

1. Add too much oil. When the car is being maintained, if the oil is accidentally added too much, the excess oil will flood the crankshaft, causing the engine load to increase, and the fuel consumption will naturally increase. To add to the correct fluid level, keep the oil level below the upper limit of the dipstick.

2. The oil viscosity is too large. If you add a different type of oil without draining the original oil when replacing the oil, it may cause the oil viscosity to be too large, the oil film formed to be too thick, and the engine running resistance to increase, thus consuming more fuel.

3. The spark plug is not installed properly. Spark plugs, as a must-maintained component, are often replaced during maintenance. However, if the spark plug is not installed properly when replacing, for example, the spark plug is not tightened, it will cause the gas and pressure in the combustion chamber to leak and lose part of the power of the engine. When driving, more power is required, and fuel consumption increases.

4. The instrument panel reset error. After the maintenance of the vehicle, if the maintenance master resets the instrument panel without reference, the average fuel consumption will be inaccurate.


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