AMR opens tomorrow highlighting innovation in the automotive aftermarket

At present, beauty services are the main business of China's car maintenance market. More than 80% of high-end car owners have car grooming awareness. As car owners have higher technical requirements for car grooming, the increasing demand will promote the overall development of the industry. The 2023 AMR International Auto Maintenance and Auto Parts Exhibition will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) from 23-26 March 2023, where you can learn about the related content of auto beauty. Today, the editor of the AMR International Auto Maintenance and Auto Parts Exhibition will discuss the development prospects of the car maintenance industry with everyone.

Introducing AMR Online for an enhanced sourcing experience
Many automotive companies are currently eyeing up the market potential from China’s ‘Dual Circulation’ policy, which aims to satisfy domestic demand (Inner Circulation) and international opportunities (Outer Circulation).

As an international meeting point for the industry, AMR introduces the AMR Online business matching services (AMR Online). The intelligent system matches buyers with exhibitors according to their sourcing needs and provides remote access to those who are unable to attend the show in person. By offering onsite-to-online meetings and related services, AMR Online aims to facilitate business interactions between domestic and international markets and opens extra promotional channels for exhibitors.

Fringe events explore the future of the industry
At each edition of AMR, the fringe programme has played a pivotal role in contributing additional opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking. The 2021 show offers over 30 pre-show and on-site events, including a line up of conferences, seminars, forums and industry award ceremonies.

These events expect to attract many decision-makers from repair workshops, distributors, 4S shops, diagnostics centres, polytechnic and institutions, public transportation and logistics providers to attend. They can stay up to date with industry trends, explore technological innovations and expand business networks.

To highlight, the 4th China Automotive Aftermarket Conference 2021 (23 April), at the Kuntai Hotel Beijing, brings a line-up of experts sharing their insights on domestic and international aftermarket trends. They will further discuss the profitability of repair chain stores, new business models, investment and opportunities, as well as future aftermarket perspectives in Europe, Japan and the US.

The China Commercial Vehicle Awards Ceremony (24 April) co-organised by the China Transportation News and AMR, takes place at the fairground. Nominees have already been selected by over 100 public transport organisations, cold chain and logistics companies, couriers and decision-makers from auto repair and maintenance. Award categories include ‘Best passenger car’, ‘Best truck model’ and ‘Best after-sales support for commercial vehicles’.

In collaboration with the China Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trades Association and AMR, the Green Repair and Maintenance Industry Forum 2021 responds to the increased focus on green transformation and solutions in the auto repair sector. Held on 24 April, the must-attend event will converge wisdom about eco-friendly development from across the industry. Speakers will provide an in-depth analysis of current and future trends and introduce advanced industrial protective technologies. They will also spotlight the latest environmental protection policies in China, green auto repair and the China VI Emission Standard regulation.

The 2023 AMR International Auto Maintenance and Auto Parts Exhibition is expected to gather more than 1,000 well-known enterprises and institutions from the entire industry chain of the automotive aftermarket, covering repairs and maintenance, beauty maintenance, appliance modification, spare parts and supply chain, new energy after-sales and commercial vehicles, etc. Field, where you can meet any needs for car beauty, and provide you with a platform for communication. Welcome to visit the AMR International Auto Parts Exhibition.

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