For current car owners, car maintenance seems to have become a fashionable topic. Everyone likes to drive their car out for a stroll, demonstrating their deep maintenance skills! Then the main car maintenance can be divided into the maintenance of the car body, that is, the maintenance of the paint, then the maintenance of the interior, such as the maintenance of seats, foot pads, dashboards, etc., and the maintenance of the internal system. , Such as braking system, engine, air conditioning.


1. Body maintenance and interior maintenance


First of all, let's talk about the maintenance of the car body. Most people will choose to wash the car, wax, polish, seal the glaze, and coat the car body. Generally speaking, the more common one is waxing. It is also recommended that you regularly clean the car body to maintain and clean the car body. However, the car body must be cleaned before waxing. The price of sealing glaze is relatively higher, but its retention time is much longer, generally it can be maintained for one or two years. As for the maintenance of the interior, we should clean the interior in time, such as cleaning seat cushions, foot pads, steering wheel covers, and dashboards. Then pay attention to keep fresh air in the car, and don't keep blowing the air conditioner to close the windows.


2. Maintenance of internal system


Generally speaking, a small maintenance should be carried out when the mileage of a car reaches 5000 kilometers, and a major maintenance should be carried out when it reaches 10,000 kilometers. It mainly includes: lubrication system, fuel system, cooling system, brake system, carburetor (fuel injector) maintenance, etc.


Three, car body refurbishment

Such as the diagnosis and treatment of deep scratches, the repair of multi-material bumpers, the repair of hard injuries of the wheel (cover), the renovation of leather and chemical fiber materials, and the renovation of the color of the engine. Car maintenance is divided into two categories: regular maintenance and non-scheduled maintenance. Regular maintenance includes: daily maintenance, primary maintenance, and secondary maintenance; non-scheduled maintenance includes: running-in period maintenance and seasonal maintenance. The main work of car maintenance is nothing more than cleaning, inspection, tightening, adjustment and lubrication.


If you want to be a car maintenance expert, you only need to pay attention to body maintenance, interior maintenance, and internal system maintenance. You can combine your own experience and the content in the manufacturer's guide book, and then based on the use of your car, Develop a maintenance plan for your car. For example, what maintenance items can be implemented for how many kilometers the car has been driven, such as changing the three filters, changing the spark plugs, cleaning up carbon deposits and so on.


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