As one of the important power sources in the car, the battery (battery) is mainly used to supply power to the car starter and various electrical equipment when starting, so the car battery is also called the starting battery. Theoretically, the service life of the car battery is three years. If the maintenance is better, the life of the car battery can be extended for a long time. However, if there is frequent power loss, excessive discharge, or modification of high-power car speakers, lights and other equipment, it may have to be replaced in about a year. If you want to buy a car battery yourself and replace it by yourself, it is completely possible, but you should pay attention to the identification of the battery model, capacity, type and brand during the purchase process. I will talk about the process from purchasing to replacing the battery in detail below. issues that should be noted during the process.


1. When purchasing, it should be noted that the battery's model, capacity, volume, rated voltage and other parameters match the original car battery. If the rated voltage of the original car battery is 12V, then do not choose 24V, otherwise the fuse or engine ECU will be burned; if the rated capacity of the original car battery is 54Ah, then do not choose 50Ah. Because in theory, the rated capacity can be large or small, but do not blindly increase it, try to choose the battery capacity that matches the original parameters. If you don't know what type of battery you should buy, you can open the cover and check on the old battery, which is usually marked in plain text. It should be noted that some cars have batteries in the trunk or under the main and passenger seats.


2. Pay attention to the choice of battery type when purchasing. At present, the batteries of fuel vehicles on the market are mainly divided into ordinary lead-acid batteries and AGM automatic start-stop batteries. Therefore, when buying batteries online, you should first check whether your vehicle has a start-stop function. If so, you need to use an AGM battery dedicated to start-stop. If you accidentally buy the wrong lead-acid battery, it will lead to the failure of the start-stop function, and it may cause various control modules to be burned. Because ordinary batteries are not fully compatible with cars, when ordinary batteries are used instead of automatic start and stop batteries, the power management system will report an error after testing, and the car will not be able to start at that time.


3. When purchasing, you should try to choose a regular channel and a battery with a better brand. It is recommended that when you buy batteries on the Internet, do not be greedy for petty and cheap, otherwise there will be many problems in the later use process. The purchase channels should also try to choose the franchise stores and direct sales stores of big brands. As for brands, you can choose well-known brands such as Fengfan, Camel, Bosch, Varta, GS, Yuasa, and Chaowei. However, it should also be noted that it is these brands that are well-known, so there are many fake and shoddy products on the market, and I hope everyone can carefully screen them out.


4.a set of tools is needed when replacing the battery. The fixing bolts of the positive and negative pole heads of the battery are generally 8mm and 10mm. As for whether to use a wrench or a socket, it depends on the actual situation of your vehicle. In addition, there is a battery fixing bolt, generally 10mm, 12mm and 13mm. During the replacement process, pay attention not to connect the positive and negative wire harnesses in reverse, otherwise the engine control module will be burned, and the vehicle will not be able to start.


5. When replacing, you should pay attention to whether the vehicle can be powered off, because some models will have start-stop function failure, radio lock, anti-theft system activation, failure of one-key window lift, sunroof can not be closed, fault lights will turn on after battery replacement. For the above models, I personally recommend not to replace them by yourself, but if you have to replace them yourself, it's okay. You only need to buy another power bank, and use the power bank to clamp the positive and negative wire harnesses when replacing to ensure that the whole car is not powered on. In addition, in the process of replacing the battery, pay attention that the positive wire harness is not grounded, otherwise the fuse or ECU may be burned.


6. After the replacement is completed, the vehicle should be started to run at idle speed for half an hour, or the vehicle should be driven for a certain distance. During this period of time, you can adjust the time in the car, and you can also match the window that fails to lift or lower and the start-stop function that fails. If there is a fault light in the instrument, just drive the car out for a run and it will disappear on its own. In addition, for some models, it is also necessary to use a diagnostic instrument to match the battery parameters. If they do not match, the "battery light" on the instrument will be always on.


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