After experiencing this epidemic, many people have strengthened their personal hygiene and home cleaning, and car owners have paid more attention to the cleaning of their vehicles! At the same time, car owners' attitudes and habits toward car washing have undergone a 360-degree change. Today, I will come to understand with the editor, what kind of changes will the car wash usher in in the post-epidemic era?


◆ Owners will be more cautious about the behavior of others wiping the interior


After the epidemic, most car owners will no longer accept manual cleaning of private spaces in their cars. First of all, because the people that the car washers come in contact with every day are different, they intimately touch the seat steering wheel through the interior cleaning, which greatly increases the risk of transmission; secondly, if the car wash shop cannot wipe the interior towels for "one car, one use, one disinfection" According to the standards, the bacteria and viruses attached to the car wash towels will be very likely to spread into the vehicle, posing a risk of infection to the car owner.


◆ The frequency of the overall car wash will increase


Before the outbreak of the epidemic, many car owners' habit of washing cars was more about looking at the weather and mood. After the epidemic, they will pay attention to vehicle hygiene. Both the interior and the exterior will be cleaned to increase the frequency of car washes, but they do not want to increase. The opportunity to contact people, therefore, a new form of car washing mode has also emerged.


◆ A new model of car wash in the post-epidemic era


With the technological upgrading of automation equipment, the industry of fully automatic intelligent car washing machines is also developing at a high speed. Smart car washing machines can be seen in gas stations, supermarkets, industrial parks, communities, parking lots, charging stations and other places. 24-hour operation, convenience, no waiting, no contact, high efficiency, high cost performance and other attributes, which solve the core demands of car owners for exterior cleaning. Coupled with the attributes of human-to-human transmission of new crown pneumonia, unattended smart car washing machines have also ushered in spring.


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