After a new car has landed, maintenance is undoubtedly a compulsory course. As a new car owner, you may not know the replacement cycle of the vulnerable and consumable parts of your car. It doesn't matter, let's take a closer look today!


In addition to gasoline needs to be refilled in time, the following oils should also be replaced regularly!


1. Engine oil


Function: The oil has the functions of lubricating, inhibiting carbon deposits in the engine, and preventing premature aging or corrosion of mechanical parts.


Replacement cycle: mineral oil 5000 km/6 months replacement, semi-synthetic oil 7000 km/9 months replacement, fully synthetic oil 10000 km/1 year replacement.


Note: The oil should be filled between the upper and lower limits of the oil dipstick, not too much or too little; different oils are best not to be mixed, and the oil viscosity should be selected according to the manufacturer's requirements.


2. Brake oil


Function: It can transmit the brake pressure. Most cars now use hydraulic brakes, so brake oil is needed to transmit the braking force applied to the vehicle, so as to achieve the purpose of braking.


Replacement cycle: The replacement cycle of brake oil is generally two years or 40,000 kilometers.


Note: Since the replacement requires vacuuming and other processes, it is best to leave it to a professional technician to prevent unnecessary accidents.


3. Transmission oil


Function: It can lubricate the transmission system, and it can clean, lubricate, dissipate heat and seal the gearbox.


Replacement cycle: automatic transmission 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers to replace the transmission oil, manual transmission 80 to 100,000 kilometers to replace the transmission oil, but the specific should also refer to the car's maintenance manual.


Note: To replace the gearbox oil, it is best to use the oil specified by the manufacturer for the vehicle type.


4. Antifreeze


Function: Mainly play the role of cooling, anti-corrosion, anti-scaling, anti-freezing and heat dissipation.


Replacement cycle: generally 3 years or 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers, but there are differences in models and brands, and the maintenance manual shall prevail.


Note: Different brands, different types, and different colors of antifreeze can not be mixed; if the antifreeze is insufficient, it should be added in time, and the replacement of the antifreeze should be between the upper and lower scale lines.


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