With the scientific and economic era and the gradual increase in demand, our country and a large number of them are popularized in every family, resulting in an increase in the amount of our car maintenance. Most of the cars are private cars. With the popularity of private cars, people's travel is becoming more and more convenient; but while cars bring convenience to our families, we also need to carry out regular maintenance on cars. In fact, many people don't know much about car maintenance, and they only know how to change the oil; but in fact, if you go to the 4s shop for maintenance every time, it is equivalent to white maintenance! Come and learn about the parts that need to be replaced for car maintenance!


The first is to regularly increase the special oil for brakes, because the current cars basically use hydraulic brakes, so this oil is needed to transmit the hydraulic pressure. Since the brake oil has strong water absorption, after the brake system is used for a period of time, it is necessary to regularly Check and increase regularly; otherwise, it is easy to cause safety hazards!


The second is to replace the spark plugs regularly. Many experts or veteran drivers know how to replace the spark plugs. However, because the novice who has just come into contact with the car does not understand or know why the maintenance needs to change the spark plugs, they may not care about it. Don't underestimate this. A spark plug, which is located inside the engine, is mainly used for ignition. If it fails, your car will not only fail to ignite, but will also cause damage to the engine over time, and the working environment of the spark plug is very bad. It needs to be replaced every 30,000 kilometers.


The third is the air filter element of the engine. The air filter element is an important device on the car. It is mainly used to purify the intake air of the engine. If it is not cleaned and maintained regularly, if the air filter element of the engine is driven for a long time, its air intake will be damaged. It will be blocked, which will affect the entry of air, so that the fuel cannot be completely burned, which will cause great damage to the car.


The fourth is the ball cage. Many drivers don’t know what the ball cage is. The ball cage is mainly set between the half shaft and the transmission. It has the function of protecting the parts, and can also prevent dust and corrosion. Dust gets into the interior of the parts. If it is broken, the steering of the car will not be so flexible. Instead, it will become sluggish, which will pose a threat to driving safety, so it should not be underestimated.


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