1. The best time for car maintenance

The best distance for major car maintenance is 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers. Because there are many frequently used parts on each vehicle, they all have their own lifespan and are more easily damaged in long-term use, so they need to be replaced at a certain time.


2. Car maintenance items

① Change the oil. Oil can lubricate the engine and reduce wear, assist cooling and cooling, seal and prevent leakage, prevent rust and corrosion, and shock and buffer the engine. It is essential to ensure the normal operation of the engine. It is a must-do item for every maintenance. Can't be sloppy.

The mileage between oil changes varies slightly depending on the grade of oil used. For example, ordinary mineral oil can be replaced every 5,000 kilometers, semi-synthetic oil can be replaced every 7,500 kilometers, and fully synthetic oil can be replaced every 10,000 kilometers. If there are few maintenance times in a year, you can choose fully synthetic oil, which is of better quality. Even if the mileage is very small, the principle of changing it once a year should be followed.


②Replace the "four filters". "Four filters" refers to the oil filter, air filter, air conditioner filter, and fuel filter. After a long period of use, these types of filter elements will either be blocked, or they will be polluted, which will affect the health of the car and need to be replaced in time.


③ Replace the variable speed mailbox. Although the transmission oil is usually used in a closed space, it is less affected by the outside world and can maintain a relatively stable working state for a long time. However, when the vehicle is driven for a long time, the transmission oil will contain a large amount of metal particles. , Continued use will not only deteriorate the lubrication effect, but also accelerate the wear of parts in the gearbox, and even block the solenoid valve and oil circuit in serious cases.


④Replace the spark plug. The spark plug plays the role of starting the engine, and its quality basically determines the quality of the car engine. Whether the spark plug needs to be replaced can be judged according to the material or by the gap of the spark plug. Generally, if there is no damage, the normal value of the spark plug gap is between 0.7 and 1.5mm. If this value is exceeded, replacement can be considered. 10w km is a watershed for spark plugs. Even if there is no major problem with the car after this, it is recommended to replace it.


⑤ Replace the brake fluid. Brake fluid is an important part of the braking system and is very important to the safety of people and cars. Because the brake oil is easy to be heated and deteriorated and blisters, during continuous braking, the water will boil first, which will cause the braking effect to deteriorate or fail. Therefore, the principle of replacement is whether the water content exceeds the standard. After the car has driven to 80,000 kilometers, the water content of most cars will exceed the standard, and it is recommended to replace it.


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