It’s said that “buying a car is easier than maintaining a car.” Yes, car maintenance is always a high-level issue. Some car owners care too much about their car and often over-maintain it, which not only costs money, but also has a negative impact on the car. Today, the editor of the AMR International Auto Maintenance and Auto Parts Exhibition will talk to you about car maintenance skills to avoid the misunderstanding of over-maintenance of your car.


1. Excessive cleaning

Keeping your car bright is indeed a good habit, but the high frequency of car washing indirectly increases the probability of car paint being scraped by sand. Although the car is bright, it actually damages the paint of the car. The detergent used when washing the car will also chemically interact with the paint surface to varying degrees, accelerating the aging. Therefore, it is not recommended to wash the car too frequently. The frequency of car washing should be controlled at once every 2 weeks.


2. Tires pursue imports

Some car owners especially like to emphasize "import" when buying tires. However, the road conditions and road surfaces are quite different between foreign and domestic. Imported tires may not perform well on domestic roads, especially in terms of impact resistance of the sidewalls. Unacceptable.


3. The higher the oil, the better

Many car owners worry that the gasoline product is not good where they go, so they choose gasoline with a higher mark to add. In fact, this is completely unnecessary. As long as it is a regular gasoline product, it is guaranteed. Just follow the vehicle's factory license. It can be added as standard, and there is no need to pursue higher gasoline.


4. Tire pressure is adjusted too high

Too low tire pressure will accelerate tire wear and affect tire life. In order to load more things, some car owners increase the tire pressure. In fact, doing so will bring danger to driving. If the tire pressure is too high, it will reduce the friction and adhesion of the tire and cause the tire to burst.


5. Low turn does not hurt the car

In fact, occasionally high speed does not hurt the car, long-term low speed is more harmful to the car, as long as it is not kept in the high speed red zone for a long time, the engine will not be a problem. If you follow the car at a high speed for a long time, it will be more prone to carbon deposits, which is more harmful than a high speed.


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