A powerful car is an unbearable temptation for car fans. What changes have been made to the car power modification?

Automobile power modification can generally be divided into: engine block modification; modification of engine peripheral equipment; main aspects of ECU and electronic control equipment modification. The transformation of engine peripheral equipment is the basis for power improvement, which is relatively simple and easy to implement, including intake system; ignition system; oil supply system and exhaust system.


Combustion System

The ignition system includes spark plugs, live wires (except for direct ignition) and high voltage coils. The principle is that the battery outputs voltage to the high-voltage coil. After the high-voltage coil converts the low-voltage electricity into high-voltage electricity, it is transmitted to the spark plug through the live wire, triggering the injection of the central electrode in the spark plug, and igniting the mixture in the cylinder. Beginner modification should pay attention to spark plugs and live wires.


The live wire is the medium that conducts high voltage electricity. The better the live wire, the less current loss and the more current that can be delivered to the spark plug. The bad live wire has poor material, low price and large current loss.


gas handling system

The intake system basically includes an air filter, an intake pipe, a collector box, an intake manifold and an intake valve mechanism. The working principle is that after the air passes through the air filter to filter impurities, it enters the air collecting box through the air intake port, and enters the intake manifold after the air is stored. After mixing with the gasoline sprayed by the injector, a proper proportion of oil and gas is formed, which is sent to the cylinder by the intake valve for ignition and combustion to generate power. If you want to modify it, you must.


Start with these plates. However, for the primary modification, only the modification of the air filter can be carried out.


Oil supply system

The oil supply system consists of oil pump, oil inlet and return pipeline, oil rail, oil injector, oil return pressure valve, etc. The principle is that the oil pump generates oil pressure, which is controlled by the oil return pressure valve, and the ECU opens the injector to inject fuel at a reasonable time. Why reform the oil supply system? Because the air-fuel ratio of the vehicle is within a reasonable range, if the intake air is increased without increasing the fuel supply, the air-fuel mixture will be too lean (most obvious when the throttle is fully opened during rapid acceleration), which is not conducive to air-conditioning. The deflagration of the fuel mixture may cause knocking and other phenomena in severe cases. The main transformation of the fuel system is to replace the oil return pressure valve and properly increase the oil pressure in the fuel system, thereby increasing the fuel injection volume per unit time. Regularly modified oil return pressure valve can completely replace the original one.


Exhaust system The exhaust system is a very important item in the peripheral equipment of the engine. It consists of four parts: banana head (exhaust head section), front throat, catalyst (three-way catalytic converter), exhaust middle section, tail exhaust (muffler). The role of the exhaust pipe is to inhale more air to make the engine burst into powerful horsepower, but when you try your best to increase the intake air volume, if you don't work hard on the exhaust side on the opposite side, you will not achieve what you want. Effect.


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