Now the car repair business is getting harder and harder. Many people may be puzzled, why is the number of cars more and more difficult to do car repair business? Today, the editor of the he Auto Maintenance and Repair Expo will analyze it from four levels.


1. Analysis from the perspective of operating costs


Everyone knows that with the acceleration of urbanization, urban land has become tense. Of course, this also means an increase in urban land rents. On the other hand, because many auto repair shops occupies a large area, the rental cost is also doubling. Of course, some people may want to say that you can choose the suburbs with lower rents. There is nothing wrong with this kind of thinking, but car maintenance is more related to traffic flow. There is no traffic flow, let alone maintenance. In addition, the increase in employment costs and material costs will also lead to an increase in operating costs, making it difficult to do auto repair business.


2. Analysis from the perspective of market competition


There used to be a few repair shops that were sparse in urban areas, but now they are all in groups or even one-street repair shops. This means that industry competition has become more fierce, making auto repair business more and more difficult. Do. In addition, there is vicious competition among some repair shops, which not only weakens the room for growth of both parties, but also makes the industry rules more unbearable, and the repair business is becoming more and more difficult.


3. Analysis from the perspective of car service


In order to attract users, the current 4S shops provide a variety of services, even basic maintenance services for several years, and some 4S shops also provide door-to-door maintenance services. With the improvement of 4S shop repair services, it will further increase the pressure on auto repair shops, making their repair business more and more difficult.


4. Analyze from the user level


It is mainly reflected in two aspects. First, many users now like to compare repair shops. They never consider the effects or parts after repairs, but only care about the price. Secondly, there are some users who like to "instruct" the maintenance master, obviously there is a problem with this component, and the maintenance master has to check another component for him. Therefore, the incomprehension from users makes maintenance business more and more difficult.


In fact, for auto repair shops, what they need to do is to improve their own services and stop vicious competition and price wars. For car users, I also hope to have a better understanding of the maintenance master.


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