Participants' feedback about AMR 2021

Exhibitors' comments

This was the first time participating at AMR and it has left me with a very good overall impression. The organisers made a lot of effort promoting the show. The fair helps exhibitors to improve their brand's image and exposure; this can positively influence our business' development in the market. Our booth showcased many products related to Harley-Davidson motorcycles, automotive culture and customising. These products are very popular amongst car-lovers and young people, making our booth a popular place to visit during the fair.


We hope to increase our brand presence and understand how we can differentiate our services in the market through participating at AMR. We would also like to forge more relationships with supply chain stores and 4S chain stores. The visitor flow to our booth was been high; we touched base with new and existing clients from North China and the Jing-jin-ji region. This year, the fair has also expanded its coverage to include more auto-related and auxiliary products, which will help accelerate sales growth amongst many exhibitors from the car wash sector.


Amongst all the auto trade fairs, we pay a lot of attention to AMR as it has an extensive coverage of visitors nationwide, as well as in the Jing-jin-ji region. In fact, many buyers from Qingdao, Jinan, Anhui, Shanxi and Shanghai have already visited our booth. What's more, the aftermarket has a comprehensive supply chain that integrates a variety of industry segments. I appreciate that the show can connect all these areas so that we can meet potential business partners all in one place.


Due to the pandemic, it was difficult to meet industry players last year. Therefore, I am pleased we could reunite at AMR and explore the future auto industry together. I was happy to see more exposure of accessories, car care and customising this year, on top of the repair and maintenance sector. As an exhibitor, this wider range across the show floor brought us more quality buyers and distributors, which will be particularly beneficial for us going forward.


We have been participating at AMR for many year now as the show always pushes our business' momentum forward. Owing to the fair’s strong resources, we have met with many buyers from across China, and particularly in the Jing-jin-ji region. As a result of a positive boost in sales, I am sure we will return to AMR to promote our brand in the years ahead.


Vistors' comments

AMR is a must-attend annual event for me. As an influential business platform for the automotive aftermarket, the show produces a comprehensive line up of products, which effectively suits my sourcing needs. I have met a number of good quality auto parts suppliers here and will follow up with them to collaborate in the future.


This is my third time visiting the show and I am looking for auto parts, lubricants, motor oils and additives. As expected, we have already sourced some products from potential partners and are about to finalise a deal. I anticipate these products will help boost our sales.


Fringe events participants' comments

As one of the speakers at the China New Energy Vehicle Repair Summit, I believe the concurrent activities at AMR are very important for the auto repair and maintenance industry. With electrification continuing to penetrate the market, events like this summit can play a crucial role in communicating new information and promoting the latest technology. These sharing sessions can also enrich the overall exhibition experience for all participants at the fair.


AMR is a high quality platform for industry players to understand the latest market trends and technologies. Its professionalism is reflected by the quality of exhibitors and concurrent events. In my opinion, the onsite fringe activities are effective channels for me to grasp current industry developments. The China Automatic Transmission Maintenance Technology Development Summit that I just attended was very informative. With the Government’s recent 14th Five-Year-Plan and Dual Circulation policy, I believe new energy vehicles, carbon neutrality, hydrogen energy and the use of li-ion batteries will be key areas for research and development. The knowledge I gained from the event will be very helpful for me to determine my future business strategy.